A passion for potatoes

Just as the best recipes are made from the best ingredients, the best fries come from the best potatoes. 

Potatoes are our sole focus.

We're all about potatoes here at Lamb Weston, and we're proud to call ourselves potato experts. With our global experience and local potato expertise, we're committed to manufacturing and delivering high-quality frozen chips made from the finest potatoes.


Our team at Lamb Weston live and breathe potatoes. From our expert agronomists and processing workers, to sales pros and number crunchers, we all work together with a single-minded goal of delivering the very best chips - from the farm to the table.


We truly believe in working together with our growers right from the start. We conduct research and share information to improve yields, increase productivity and profitability, and set new standards for potatoes and fries. Our local growers come from all around Australia, in regions renowned for growing some of the world's finest potatoes.


We are committed to innovation and investment in our people, facilities, and the future of food production. We have built a new, high-tech storage near our growers and upgraded our processing facilities, so that the freshest potatoes can be peeled, cut, snap frozen, and made into the potato products you need on your menu.

Our timeline showcases the years of service, dedication, and innovation that made Lamb Weston® who we are today.